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Stream study with YDNP

‘I found the river habitat study really fun because we got to learn about our local river – the River Swale – and it was good to use kick sampling. I also found it fascinating how many species live in the river.’   Jessica

‘The best part of the day was using the chart to classify different types of animal in our trays. I had not seen some of them before.’   Faith

‘I think it is good that we got to see different creatures. We found the most at Ox Nop Beck.’   Tyler

‘I really enjoyed watching the different animals move around in our sample tray – it was fun to see the way that they swim about.’   Sophia

‘I enjoyed learning about nature and having some fun with my friends at the same time.’   Charlotte

‘I thought today was really fun: we got to see different creatures in their native environment expressing their natural behaviours. The midges were a bit annoying though!’   Ellie