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Batik art

We looked at some different artists that have been inspired by tribal art. We started to sketch our own ideas before making a final design; this was then used to create our own batik. 

To make the batik we had to sketch our design lightly on fabric using a pencil. Then we had to thickly wax the areas we wanted to stay white, without making it too intricate. We added a layer of yellow dye all over the fabric. Another layer of of wax was added on the parts we wanted to stay yellow. Once this was dry, we added either red or blue dye and this could be all over the fabric or just to some sections depending on our design. Next was the final layer of wax, followed by red if had used blue, or blue if we had used red, to make the fabric darker and the first layers of colour stand out. The final part of the process was to scrape off the dry wax and use an iron to melt off any remaining wax. 

Blog post by Ellie D, Year 5&6.