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An Easter Message from Rev Melanie                                             March 2020

Hello Children

What strange times we are living in. I hope you are not too bored having to stay at home. I have been very busy online. It has tested my skills on the computer as I explore how to do my job from home, but it is amazing what you can do, if you only try, isn’t it? I have even set up a youtube channel so that I can post videos to stay in contact with the church congregations.

I wonder what new things you are doing, what new things you are exploring? As we approach Easter, I can see the new-born lambs in the field at the back of my garden. It is good fun watching these lambs explore their new surroundings. Last week they were very happy in the sunshine, jumping up and down and running all around the field, even cheekily trying to eat some of my neighbour’s plants through the fence. Everything is fresh and new to them. They often come right up to my garden gate, but as soon as the mother sheep see me, they call their new lambs away, protecting them of course, as we are all trying to protect each other, especially right now. When the snow came at the weekend and it turned much colder, the mothers huddled their tiny lambs to them in the shelter of the edges of the field, for this new life is precious and fragile. And new life is exactly what Easter is all about. Perhaps this extra time at home gives us all the opportunity to notice the new life all around us. My garden tubs are alive with daffodils and pansies, and even the tulips are beginning to grow tall. In fact, all the shrubs are budding well, the roses and the hydrangeas; isn’t it wonderful that contained in each little bud there is the promise of a new and glorious flower? Plus, the birds are all busy on the feeders, tweeting away, and beginning to pair up ready for their turn in the cycle of new life.

So as some things have ended, new things are beginning. In the Easter story, many feared that everything had ended and there was no hope, but then on Easter morning it was clear that everything had just begun, and life was full of hope and joy and expectation. So, we have much to look forward to.

Perhaps you could make Easter cards for your friends and family? You could post these, or perhaps take a photo of them and ask an adult to help you to send the photo to your friends and family via the internet. It can be fun making a small Easter Garden. Using a tray or a shoebox or a plant pot or something similar would work. You would need a small amount of compost or soil from the garden, and perhaps a few stones or pebbles and then some pretty flowers. If all that sounds too difficult, don’t worry, you will still have your little palm cross with the purple wool tied on it, won’t you? Don’t forget to remove that piece of wool on Easter Sunday as a reminder that Jesus is risen.

I am thinking of you all and look forward to seeing you again soon. In the meantime, stay safe, be good, and keep on exploring.

Peace be with you. 


Easter Activities from Rachel Pinkney, Methodist Schools and Families Worker

If you would like some more ideas for Easter activities, then please use the links below. If you need any resources please do contact school. 

Easter Garden                                    Prayer Chatterbox                                Question Chatterbox

Home learning begins!                                                                   March 2020

Well done to all pupils that have been busy working on their home learning tasks this week. 

Pupils in Key Stage 1 have enjoyed story writing, inspired by a short film about a bear and a bridge. The teachers are really impressed by this brilliant work and we hope that you enjoy reading the stories too. 

World Book Day                                                                             March 2020 

As part of World Book Day celebrations, pupils enjoyed a series of assemblies that explored the favourite books of both teachers and visitors to school and, on Thursday, dressed up as a character from their favourite book and shared this with their class. Earlier in the week, a group of pupils visited the libraries in Richmond and Catterick. They explored how the books are organised, found out about the wider resources available and enjoyed reading time with a good book. Click below to find out more. 

Polar Regions                                                                                 February 2020 

In the Early Years classroom, we have been learning about the polar regions. We have learnt about the different animals that live there, written fun facts and drawn pictures using a range of media. We know where Antarctica and the Arctic is and which animals live in each place. We had lots of fun exploring ice last week, sliding ice blocks around, describing what it feels like and watching it melt!

Skipping                                                                                         February 2020

KS1 children enjoyed the cluster skipping event at Catterick Leisure Centre this week. It was a fun event which encouraged the children to keep going and always try their best.

Gymnastics                                                                                     February 2020

10 children from KS1 had a fantastic time at the Key Steps Gymnastics competition. 

I liked watching other children because we got ideas from them.”

I liked doing the teddy bear roll and the front support.”

It was very fun because I did lots of jumps.”

“It was good fun taking part and it made me feel good to be part of a team.”

Netball                                                                                            January 2020

5 pupils from KS2 – George, Kiran, Ruby, Milly and Annabelle – played so well in an autumn term cluster netball event that they qualified for the next level of competition, the Level 2 Richmondshire Area Final. For this second round, they were joined by Alex and Alice, who made a great contribution to the team. They didn’t win but did play very well and were a credit to the school.

Christingle                                                                                      December 2019 

Christmas Dinner                                                                            December 2019 

At both schools today, pupils, staff and governors enjoyed a super Christmas Dinner. Thank you to our school cooks, Mrs Hodgson and Miss Smith, for preparing the meal!





Christmas Fair                                                                                 December 2019 

Thank you to everyone that supported our Christmas Fair last week. The pupils' stalls were excellent, with a great variety of items to buy. 

At the harvest service earlier this term, pupils shared their research and thoughts on the work of All We Can, the Methodist Church Relief and Development Fund, and their work to support a community in Ethiopia to plant potatoes and ensure a sustainable harvest. In recent years at Christmas we have worked with the Wensleydale Rotary Club as part of their Enterprise Challenge. We raised £320 that will be shared equally between the two charities. 

PE at the MUGA                                                                               November 2019 

We've been using the MUGA in Reeth for KS2 PE lessons this half term. Pupils have really benefitted from the increased space and the excellent facilities available there. 

Democracy                                                                                      November 2019 

We've been learning about democracy, voting and elections in our assemblies this week. 



KS2 Residential - York                                                                     November 2019 

KS2 pupils really enjoyed our two-day visit to York earlier this week. For Year 3 and 4, it was the finale to their Viking project. They visited Jorvik, built Viking longships and made Viking bread. Year 5 and 6 pupils visited York Minster as part of their study of the Romans. They ventured beneath the floor of the cathedral to see the remains of the Roman Principia. On their return to school this class will go on to design their own city and, as a starting point for this project, climbed to the top of the Minster to see York beneath them. They also interviewed visitors in the city centre as part of their fieldwork and research. On the second day we visited York Mosque. The Imam welcomed us, explaining his role and the way that the Mosque is used. It was great to see the new building, having seen the plans for the development when we visited four years ago.

Fell running                                                                                      October 2019 

The fell running club has been out after school on Fridays this half term. We've explored local paths and bridleways and been to the top of Calver Hill twice. Click on the photo below to watch a short film. 

KS1 Local Area Study                                                                        October 2019 

Key Stage 1 pupils really enjoyed completing a local area study last Friday. They identified natural and man-made features of the landscape, using iPads to take photographs for use later in their class- based work. They walked from Grinton to the Swing Bridge before heading to Reeth where they visited the market, interviewed shoppers and called at the art gallery.

Y3 & 4 Long ships                                                                              October 2019 

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