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North Yorkshire School Meals

Our meals are produced freshly every day on the school premises and use:

  • fresh meat and poultry sourced from the region;
  • fruit and vegetables sourced regionally where possible using local suppliers;
  • products free from additives associated with health problems in young children;
  • fats free from hydrogenated oils; with
  • menus that are nutritionally balanced

Further information about our school meals, including menus for the current term (our schools use the single choice menu), and the food policy that our caterers work to, can be found on North Yorkshire County Council's website: North Yorkshire County Council – School Catering.

We are pleased to reprint here a statement from North Yorkshire County Caterers, the organisation responsible for our food procurement.

"School meals in North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire County Council’s food procurement strategy is based on local and regional sourcing of food that supports local business, provides traceability of produce and contributes to the health and well-being of its children and young people. All meat and poultry used in school meals in North Yorkshire is supplied fresh into schools. All meat and poultry is sourced from farms in the Yorkshire region. Our supplier is required to tell us where meat and poultry is sourced, down to farm level. We do not use frozen ready meals. Meals are made fresh every day on school premises using fresh ingredients wherever possible, in compliance with the Food and Nutrition Standards for School Meals. Our service is now accredited with the Soil Association Food for Life Silver Award."

If you would like any further information about the school meal service please contact

Shaun Mancrief, Manager
Tel 01609 536871 email

June Taylor, Primary School Manager
Tel 01609 536889 email

Free School Meals

Under the Universal Free School Meal Policy implemented at a National level by the Government in September 2014, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 can choose to have a free meal each day.

Free school meals for children in Years 3 to 6 are available to children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits. 

Visit North Yorkshire's web-site to find out further information and download an application form >>

Payment for School Meals

The current price of a meal for children not eligible for free school meals is currently £2.75 per day (Sept. 2023). The school office administers payments for school meals and staff are always happy to help with any queries.

Payment for school meals is required a week in advance. Payments need to be made through our ParentPay electronic payment system. All parents receive written details of how to set up a Parent Pay account for their child in the week that their child starts school. The ParentPay account is an individual secure online account, activated using a unique username and password, which holds an electronic record of all payments made and meals taken and can be viewed by parents at anytime.

Payments into the ParentPay system can be made in two ways:

  • On-line, using the ParentPay website, by debit or credit card. This is our preferred method of payment.

  • In cash via the PayPoint network. Please notify the school office if you wish to use this method of payment. A plastic card will be issued to you to make cash payments for school meals at local PayPoint stores. The first card is free of charge; there will be a cost for replacement cards. Payment cards take about two weeks to arrive, but we can issue a barcoded letter as an interim measure.

There is a minimum payment amount of £13.75 per transaction. Parents are asked to check their accounts regularly to ensure there is a sufficient balance of funds to cover each week as the ParentPay system does not automatically issue reminders. 

Packed Lunches 

While we encourage families to use the school meals service, pupils are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home. Packed lunches can contribute to almost one third of a child’s weekly food intake and therefore need to be balanced and nutritious. We ask that packed lunches brought in from home reflect the standards for school meals and the national guidance on packed lunches from the NHS, the Children’s Food Trust and the British Nutrition Foundation. 

Packed lunches should include: 

  • A starchy food such as bread, wraps, pitta, rice, pasta and potatoes
  • Plenty of fruit and / or vegetables. Try to include 2 portions each day
  • A non-dairy source of protein from foods like beans, pulses, fish, eggs, or meat
  • A dairy food such as milk, cheese, yoghurt , fromage frais or custard

Food that contains a high proportion of sugar, fat or salt should be minimised.  

Pupils may like to choose one item form the list below, each day:

  • A piece of cake or a small cake
  • A packet of crisps
  • A biscuit 

Packed lunches should not include: 

  • Chocolate bars 
  • Cereal bars 
  • Processed fruit bars 
  • Sweets

Our school kitchens, in accordance with guidance, chop small round food items including grapes, cherry tomatoes and strawberries into quarters to reduce the risk of choking. We recommend and ask that packed lunches are prepared like this too.

Further information and guidance is available from the following websites: 

British Nutrition Foundation

Change 4 Life

The Eatwell Guide

BBC Good Food


Midmorning Drinks

Mid-morning drinks are available each day in school for the children. Children aged under 5 receive free milk each day. For older pupils, Year 1 upwards, there is a choice of: Hot chocolate, Milk or Natural Fruit Juice. All drinks cost 30p per day (£1.50 per week). Parents are asked to make payments for drinks through our on-line payment system, ParentPay. There is a £6.00 minimum payment.



Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a free piece of fruit every day. KS2 pupils are welcome to bring in a healthy snack for midmorning. 


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