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Bolton Castle

Y1&2 pupils had a fantastic day visiting Bolton Castle, exploring life during the time of the Tudors. We met Mary Queen of Scots and enjoyed asking her questions  about her life and her time at the castle. We learnt how to dance a pavane and danced with the Queen. We visited the castle dungeons and armoury and found out about the life of soldiers at the castle. We also explored the castle kitchens and made ‘tuzzy wuzzy’ bags – made with herbs from the garden to keep away the plague

‘Bolton Castle is 600 years old. It was lots of fun. We had to be soldiers and tried on lots of armour.’   Arthur

‘We made tuzzy wuzzy bags with different herbs from the herb garden. They smell nice and people thought they stopped you getting the plague.’   Marianne

‘We met Mary Queen of Scots and danced a pavane with her.’   Chloe