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Let’s Learn Moor

Yesterday, key stage 2 pupils spent the day learning about the importance of the uplands, the wildlife that lives there and how they are protected. The event was provided by the Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group in partnership with Countryside Learning, as part of a wider project across seven upland areas in England. Thank you to everyone involved for a brilliant day.

‘I particularly liked learning about sheep’s wool. A highlight was the pheasant burger.’   Charlotte

‘I really liked the dogs; it was interesting to see how gun dogs work.’  Ellie  

‘I really liked looking at the stuffed animals – I hadn’t seen things like the fox and the weasel before.’  Fern

‘I learnt that the greasy lanolin on sheep can make hand cream or face cream. I was surprised by how many dogs Mr Baker has. Each Swaledale sheep produces two kilos of wool which earns 14p, although it costs £1.50 to shear.’   Daniel

‘I was really surprised by how well the working dogs were trained.’  James

‘I liked the heather management. We talked about how wildfires start and how they are put out using a high pressure hose.’   Luke

‘I really enjoyed the venison burger. It tasted really meaty and a bit spicy.’  Lenny

‘I liked learning about the different moorland birds.’   Eloise

‘I liked the tractor with the cutter on the back to keep the heather down.’   Amelia

‘They stop burning and cutting the heather on 15th April because the birds start nesting on the ground.’   Clemmie